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The Academy Honours programme is a distinctive programme certified by GEMS Education and offered exclusively at the GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail. It is designed to integrate the study of arts, science, and philosophy. Through cross-curricular activities, field trips, and blended learning, the curriculum prepares a select group of motivated, more-able, high-functioning students in upper high school to be leaders, critical thinkers, innovators, and inter-disciplinary problem solvers. This GEMS programme affords a distinct advantage to students when applying for Honours and Scholarship programmes in major universities around the world.


Students selected to be in the programme are given the opportunity to engage with texts and study areas of knowledge that are not part of the regular high school curriculum. The programme allows for conversations to move outside the classroom, to shared experiences in museums, theatres, galleries, and also on national radio and international media and educational platforms.


The programme also gives students the opportunity to communicate with distinguished former GEMS students who  are now on Scholarships or on in Honours Programmes or the Dean's List of prestigious colleges around the world. 


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